• Business English & Beyond with Language Solutions invite you to

    Immerse yourself in English language and culture in our UK-based individual training!

    Let’s face it: one English lesson a week, or even two, is not enough to get you where you want to be with your English skills. To become more confident and fluent when using a foreign language you need to immerse yourself in it, and to forget your own. What better way to do this than to spend some time practicing your skills with native speakers in their natural environment?   … >   < …

    • In our bespoke language training solution we offer a unique combination of intensive in-house, one-to-one Business English tuition, comfortable family living, and opportunities to visit some of England's key heritage sites.

      Your coach John has an extensive business and linguistic experience. For many years, he has travelled around the world gathering business and cultural expertise. He worked for large IT companies, including IBM, holding senior worldwide responsibility for business development.

      For more information and the detailed offer please contact me at: contactform or +49 160 96 35 39 78

      This opportunity is waiting for you!